Re: libglade-build.patch (fwd)

On 16 Aug 1999 16:34:48 -0400, Chris Jones <> wrote:
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>> Well, we have to fix this somehow - there is no way a package build
>> require an X display...
>Just a thought, but (at least on the systems I've seen), a font server
>is running before X starts. Is it possible to get information from
>that directly rather than going via X (since, presumably, X must get
>it's font list from the font server....)

No, we can't require any daemons to be running in order to _COMPILE_ the
various GNOME packages, which was the problem here. GnomeFontSelector
probably needs to be fixed not to try to do the XListFonts until an actual
object is created, and any other problem objects need to be fixed.

Or preferably, gtkdoc needs to be fixed to get its information in another

-- Elliot
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