Re: yes, no & cancel message box

Dans un courrier daté du 18/08/99 21:48:49é), a écrit :

>  d = gnome_dialog_new (
>    "Title for the dialog",
>    NULL);
>  l = gtk_label_new ("Here goes the message"); 
>  gtk_box_pack_start (GTK_BOX (GNOME_DIALOG (d)->vbox), l, TRUE, TRUE, 0);
>  button = gnome_dialog_run_and_close (GNOME_DIALOG (d));
>  switch (button){
>         case -1: /* User closed window with the mouse */
>         case 0: yes
>         case 1: no
>         case 2: cancel
>  }

Well, i may be wrong but i think that lukas wanted to make this an api 
function: this kind of dialog box is quite widespread: why not making ts look 
at structure more standard by adding an api function ?

This is prob what Lukas wanted. I don't agree: the code is small and the api 
is big enough. The api needs to be kept small, general and flexible. This 
kind of thing is more burden for not much. The smaller the api, the smaller 
the backward compatibility burden later :)


>  best wishes,
>  Miguel.

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