Re: yes, no & cancel message box wrote:
> Well, i may be wrong but i think that lukas wanted to make this an api
> function: this kind of dialog box is quite widespread: why not making ts look
> at structure more standard by adding an api function ?
> This is prob what Lukas wanted. I don't agree: the code is small and the api
> is big enough. The api needs to be kept small, general and flexible. This
> kind of thing is more burden for not much. The smaller the api, the smaller
> the backward compatibility burden later :)
Ermm, Hello people...

Does no one remember the discussion where it was said that Yes, No,
buttons should never be used with those labels as they were unclear?
I even remember some discussion as part of the Gnome 2 tidyup that any
app that used these should have a bug report place to fix them to give
them meaning full text.

Lets not make the mistake again, lets remove this bad API call, or have
issue a warning to get things changed for the better..


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