Re: corba/gnorba/bonobo documentation + misc question/ideas

>  > The pixmap engine is very broken.  You should not use it unless you
>  > have an obscenely fast machine and a penchant for flicker :-)
>  pixmap engine or pixmap theme? i don't use the pixmap them.

Pixmap engine, which is used by a lot of pixmap-based themes.

>  > Remember that Explorer is built up of many COM components.  Many of
>  > them are loaded when Windows boots, and they are used all the time, so
>  > there is a very good chance that they will be in memory when you
>  > request to open an Explorer window.
>  I thought GMC was effectively the same, using gnome GTK components?

No.  GTK+ has nothing to do with components.  And Bonobo is not ready
yet.  The current file manager does not use components.


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