Re: Bugs in CVS gnome

* James Green ( wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've checked out gnome from CVS (cvs update gnome-core, gnome-libs, etc)
> and found that a large number of the applets do not respond to the
> SaveYourself request, including Mixer, CD Player, Gnome Pager and more.
> I've rm -rf ~/.gnome and started again, to without success. Each of the
> applets when brought up will display a SaveYourself warning on Logout
> (Save Session ticked) but the cancel button in inactive, and this forces
> the Panel to bring up it's own warning message, and I haveto remove the
> program to logout, causing of course the panel to not appear in the next
> session unless I rm ~/.gnome/session and start yet again.
> Is this a known issue?
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> James Green
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Did you check out gnome-applets?

If so:
Are you sure you don't have old (pre-cvs) versions of the applets
floating around? Perhaps you didn't install the cvs version to the
same prefix?

If not:
You should. Compile and install this module to get new applets. They
all work fine.

BTW. I have an old copy of the quicklaunch_applet floating around (I
depend on it), and it seems to have left cvs. Obviously, it doesn't
respond to the save-yourself command, but I fixed this by adding
signal handler for the "save_session" signal, which returns FALSE.

Anyone interested in the diff? Since it seemed abandoned, I have been
fiddling, and am in the process of adding a "New Launcher..." context
menu. Is this acceptable, or should I let it die? Is the author
re-writing it? I _need_ the panel space, so I don't want to do without
it until the next version!

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