Re: [Borland survey results] The tide is turning

Ronald de Man wrote:

> Anyway, it's not at all clear here what 'community' means. I don't
> think we are all desperate for Delphi.

IMHO, this survey caught the attention of Delphi-on-Windows developers, because of course, they are interested in new Borland products.  Typical Linux developers probably couldn't have cared less.  So what's the most Windows-like Linux desktop for Windows users?  It should also be noted that the "other desktop environment" had a link to this survey on their homepage and urged users to fill it out.  This says a whole lot about the "community".

(I too am sorry about posting on a non-development topic.)

BTW, keep up the great work Miguel, Elliot, Havoc, etc. etc.  Don't let the "Trolls" get you down :-)


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