Re: Panel proposal

On Tue, 24 Aug 1999, George wrote:

> One thing that I don't like about deskguide is that for my WM setup, I have
> 10 desktops, and I get 10 huge deskguide desktops taking up half a panel, as
> messed up as gnome-pager was I liked the way it handeled it better (small
> desktops stacked on each other)
> Try how the panel is now setup on default (when .gnome/panel.d is missing)
> I had to create another panel for deskguide because it would barely fit
> on my 1200 pixels wide screen if I put it all on the bottom panel.

I'd like the Deskguide app entries to be size-configurable like the
gnome-pager was. Otherwise without any windows open I get one massive icon
which doesn't look pretty.

James Green
Home of the 56k FAQ.

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