Re: More on GNOME_STOCK_PIXMAP (was: Toolbar bug?)

The context menu of a panel applet is actually handled by the panel (a
different process), so it will not notice that you are adding extra stock



On Tue, 24 Aug 1999 wrote:

> Thanks Dave, a good example, I'll use it as reference. I found
> something very similar in gnome-stock.c, tried it and it works
> nice now.
> But when going beyond, I tried to put the same pixmap (now a GNOME_STOCK_PIXMAP)
> in a menuitem of a panel applet, but it don't shows. I have no
> compile errors, and if I put the STOCK_PIXMAP in a button of a dialog
> that pop ups from the applet it will show, so the problem is only
> in the applet menus.
> Hope you can give a hint in this too.
> Thanks again,
> Manuel Clos.

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