Re: VB like RAD

We are working in a design for such a tool and would very much like to 
hear if some of the other tools of the like is thinking in providing this 
plugin driven multilanguage RAD tool for dummies. If so, we'd really like 
to contrib to your project.

If not, we'll go on and post our design in a few weeks.

P.S. "We" are a couple of friends just as unknown as myself.....
;-)    But that really doesnt mean we are no good.
> A better option would be to design a languageless RAD system.  Each language 
> could have a module to provide its source for what the system needs to do.  I 
> did some thinking about a similar concept a few months ago.  (Have a scripting 
> corba interface with pluggable corba languages ... poof ... For free, you get 
> consistent integrated scripting cababilities using any language (or 
> combination) inside any app that can export a corba interface)
> VB as a language sucks.  VB as a RAD tool is quite useful.  In the windows 
> world, I often find myself throwing together a fairly complex gui in a few 
> hours using VB when a similar ui would take a couple of days and a lot of code 
> in C++.  Integrating with other languages would help a LOT... If I could write 
> my real app easily in C++ (C, Java, Python, Fortran, etc), and throw together 
> a few dialog boxes easily in a VB-like RAD tool in Python or Perl (for those 
> times you need to parse complex text), I'd be one happy guy when I had to do 
> simple projects at work (assuming of course that my boss let me use a *nix 
> and gnome. ;)
> I think that the integrated scripting tool has some merit and usefulness and 
> that adding language-independent (as long as there is a module) RAD adds even 
> more capabilities and applications.
> -- Richard Thrapp
> -- 
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