gnome features proposal


here is a misc list of things i miss in the gnome.

1) people allready talked about this lately: a control center applet which 
would allow ppl to fix the "expert mode": EXPERT, NEWBIE, INTERMEDIATE, 
INTERMEDIATE_EXPERT, INTERMEDIATE_NEWBIE. apps would be strongly recommended 
to take into account the EXPERT and NEWBIE values. 

2) a panel with a way to not hide windows: i allready said this in a 
precedent mail but i realized that my interface idea was rather dumb. here is 
a new one which is much better i think.
the window manager and the file manager would need to implement the folowing 
  void size_position_change ( in PanelLocation location)
Then the panel can notify them when its size/location change.

3) the gnome-libs/devel-doc tree is a real mess: i feel that the 
gnome-dev-info documentation should be moved into a special subdir like 
gnome-tutorial and the misc specifications *.txt or other should be moved in 
some misc subdir. That way, things would be cleaner...  

Best regards,

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