Question about right click on a gtkclist

Hi Everybody,

Sorry to bug you again.

I am trying to figure out how to catch a right click with in a
gtkclist but I am just spending time without luck. Maybe somebody can
help me with this.

I have a gtkclist widget.

"select_row" is called only when the user left clicks.

I have used:

gtk_clist_set_button_actions(GTK_CLIST (retval->pagelist),2,GTK_BUTTON_SELECTS);

But then the button "selects", and I don't want it to select. I just
want it to report to the application that the user has right-clicked
in a given column row with the right button.

I have used the 

"button_press_event" event. But this is a gtkwidget event and it does
not report column and row. I need both.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

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