Re: Simplifying package installation.

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

|      Now, why is this better?  Because a user only needs to download the
|   Gnumeric.App.tar.gz and put it on its home directory, we could then
|   take care of launching it correctly, with no root involved in the
|   process. 

Just for the record:

    - rpm has had the feature to set an un-privileged "root" dir; Eric
      once told me, he's willing to accept patches to make it work again.
      Unfortunately, I'm not a programmer...

    - regular GNU packages are considered to work with
      --prefix=$HOME/$PACKAGE.  You've only to tell the user to do:


      I admit, the GNOME packages are not fool-proofed all the time;
      that's why SuSE Linux fails from time to time: --prefix=/opt/gnome
      lacks general testing ;)

    - Don't be liberal to third parties; they all will deliver _bad_
      packages, believe me!  Try to stick with the GNU way; users are
      avaible to understand it.

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