Re: Simplifying package installation.

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > However just a tarball is not AS great, as it doesn't register with any
> > "application database", for better package managment.
> We could make the installation process install the .keys, .mime,
> .gnorba files in the user directory.
> Another approach is to have a 4777 directory in the system where
> people can install applications.
> > The user package would add it's icon to the user menu ("Favorites" nowdays)
> > and maybe a link to the ~/bin/ so that the user can run it from command line
> this we can do trivially.

Why not using normal groups ??
ie have /apps_for_every_one mode 775 sgid and group so and so .
Give the ability to install packages into that directory to some users.

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