Re: Simplifying package installation.

A lot of major applications use their own libraries-- the Gimp, etc. But,
assuming a standardized directory structure for RPMs, it might not be too
bad, especially if they were all installed under ~/apps/bin, etc.  Then a
simple LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable would work, set from .profile or somesuch,
and there wouldn't be a lot of strange subdirectories in the users' home

I guess it could work in a (mostly) foolproof way.  I'll test it on my
system and see what comes up.

						- Tony

On Thu, 26 Aug 1999 wrote:

> Well, you would probably allways be stuck with libraries. It is not so
> easy to relocate libraries. But you might be able to do it. You might be
> able to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include a ~/lib directory and install
> them there.
> We are mostly talking about apps and not libraries.

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