Re: Simplifying package installation.

Oh, I understand they *can*.  But there is no method that does thay by
default, and if they can do that, they generally understand what they are

I was automatically assuming the root of the install would be ~user.
But, it could be ~user/app, or even ~user/.apps, and users would see this
and understand it's a "don't-touch-me" directory, because it has something
to do with applications.  So, I was Just Being An Idiot (patent pending).

					- Tony

On Thu, 26 Aug 1999, Mike Shaver wrote:

> "Tony Taylor (ISD)" wrote:
> > Also, this would put files all over the place; ~/etc, ~/bin, ~/lib,
> > etc.  Is this wise to do in a user's directory?  (As a sysadmin for 500
> > Unix users, I'd reflexively say, "No.")
> You realize, of course, that your users can _already_ do that, by
> building gnome with --prefix=$HOME --sysconfdir=$HOME, right?

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