alien, packaging, etc. Re: Simplifying package installation.

All this discussion about packages and application installs 
makes me wonder if i've understood the ideas behind the GNOME.

I thought the point of CORBA was that you have lots
of Components, sitting wherever, written by whomever, 
and they are transparently called into service by the ORB 
according to Criteria that the Application sets.  Programmers 
create the Components, and Administrators install these 
Components and register them with the ORB, for any Application 
on the system or network to use.

I believe that currently it is actually the Application 
Programmers who decide which Components they want to call 
into service when they code the Applications.  But why 
couldn't it be the Application Users themselves, through
such interface mechanisms as Preferences and Options?  
They should be able to use Components from anywhere on the Internet.  
This would be taking the CORBA model to its next logical level 
of sophistication.  

It would also reduce the need to install Packages to user or
system filespace while the user is trying them out.  Then, if
lots of Users at a Site like something, it will make sense to 
cache/replicate the Component at the local Site.  Something 
like a Squid for GNOME CORBA objects could even be written to 
reduce the load on People-with-root-privilege.  

I realize this brings up serious bandwidth, portability and security 
issues, but it seems to me a vision to be aiming for in the long run.  
I think it is also an approach which complements the Free Software 
advantage (less duplication of programming effort through sharing code),
by offering less duplication of admin effort through sharing functionality.

Just my .02 ${currency}, perhaps worth as much... :)

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