Re: Simplifying package installation.

> Applications on the other hand could be installed with APM.  The 
> installation would ask if the application is public or not and 
> could be installed either in for example 
> "/home/xxx/Apps" or "/opt/Apps"

	It sounds like you're talking about a whole new package management
system specifically for Gnome.  That sounds like a big task, especially
considering that there are so many good package systems out there

> Remember these are applications, they don't have dependencies.  The 
> WordPerfect, Applix and StarOffice are similar.  They don't depend 
> on anything else being installed.

	I find it hard to imagine that there won't be applications that
depend on external libraries.  Image viewers will need libjpeg, libpng,
etc.  3D programs will need Mesa.  Games will depend on other sound and
video libraries.  

	We can't assume that the user will have all necessary libraries
installed, and we also can't assume that Gnome libraries will be the only
libs that Gnome applications will use.


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