Re: Simplifying package installation.

> > Remember these are applications, they don't have dependencies.  The 
> > WordPerfect, Applix and StarOffice are similar.  They don't depend 
> > on anything else being installed.
> 	I find it hard to imagine that there won't be applications that
> depend on external libraries.  Image viewers will need libjpeg, libpng,
> etc.  3D programs will need Mesa.  Games will depend on other sound and
> video libraries.  
> 	We can't assume that the user will have all necessary libraries
> installed, and we also can't assume that Gnome libraries will be the only
> libs that Gnome applications will use.
> --Derek

Well yes you have a point. I guess I was thinking that if GNOME was 
installed correctly it would have already satisfied all the 
dependencies that a GNOME application would require.

George Farris - VE7FRG

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