Re: Simplifying package installation.

> I wouldn't want to be a user on a big system where everyone knows
> the root password.

	I'm sure no-one here is suggesting that the root password be given
to every user.

	I think it's clear that the root password be required for
system-wide installs, but not for single-user installs.  That conforms
with the Unix security model, and makes sense.

	We just need a nifty GUI installer that will allow people to
install applications in single-user mode, or allow people to checkmark
"System Wide Install" and be prompted for the root password.  The use of a
personal RPM database seems to be the most popular implementation idea
right now, although I'm wary of having RPM be a "system requirement" for
Gnome.  Debian would drop Gnome in a heartbeat in favor or KDE, imho.  I
can see it now: "We don't need no stinkin' RPM".  I'd like to see our GUI
installer support all the popular distribution formats, including .tar.gz.

	Personally, I'm excited about having a file called
"gnome-install-script" in the distribution package that will allow you to
set the background, play audio or video files, or do other such
InstallShield-like tasks while the files are being copied over.  


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