Re: Simplifying package installation.

Ronald de Man wrote:
> Hmmm.. the problem probably is that you would like to have access to
> the system db to see if libgnome and friends are available. If the
> system doesn't use rpm then there's no up to date db, but libgnome
> might still be installed.

That's a good point.  So, a Personal Package Manager (PPM) would be an add-on to RPM or Deb, as mentioned earlier.

Karl Eichwalder wrote:
> This worked with early 2.xx releases; nowadays rpm does a chroot().

Eh.  I can't see why they wanted to change this, but since they did, a PPM would have to be yet another package manager.  How about basing it on a stripped-down RPM?  I really need something like this for Loci.


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