Re: wxWindows and GNOME

On Fri, 27 Aug 1999, Karl Nelson wrote:

> The other approach is to use the tools that are there and 
> subsititute for them if they are missing.

You misunderstood me: I removed libtool and autoconf, because 
they don´t work (libtool cannot create C++ libraries unless
you rewrite parts of it, automake cannot do "make dist" if
the source is in different directories (compiled using VPATH).

> I wrote libsigc++ to work accross almost as many platforms 
> as WxWindows,

I´m not sure what libsigc++ is, but I guess it is a library
for adding to C++ the obvious missing thing, a standard way
to propagate events. Well "almost as many" may not be what
we want any I can imagine that wxWindows might be be a little
bigger so that an approach that works for your library might
not be the right thing for the likes of wxWindows.

> WxGtk no more deserves to be in GNOME release than Gtk-- or VDK .

Never did I say so or remotely thought that.

> so if we include it we might as well include Qt and it is as 
> closely related.

Read this sentence again and ask yourself: "Was this really my
honest belief?" Isn´t maybe the GTK toolkit a distinguishing
feature of the GNOME environment? 

> Gtk-- will become cross platform as well.  As a language binding
> it will be everywhere that Gtk+/GNOME run.

"Everywhere that Gtk+/GNOME might run" maybe. This is still a tiny
bit different from "just about everywhere", actually the difference
between the (maybe) 100.000 GNOME machines in the 100.000.000 others.

> If you are looking for a language binding for Gtk+
> in C++ use Gtk--, if you are looking for the cross platform
> Wx API use WxGtk.

Perfectly true: sofar GNOME offers only one of these, it could
offer both. 

> wxWindows´s goals do not seem to match those of GNOME

A 100% pure GNOME world? GNOME-- will be good for that,
wxWindows for the remaining 95% of reality.

> Therefore, which is a better chose to include in GNOME?


> I personally think unless a large number of GNOME applications
> (not gnome-like) start using one of the bindings, should
> that binding be included.

Er - I didn´t understand this one.

Robert Roebling <>

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