Re: wxWindows and GNOME

> Whether something or not has been requested is irrelevant

Amazingly honest: what people want isn´t relevant to you. It is in-deed
the habit of wxWindows´ developers to listen to their users.

> People will not be sure whether to use wxConfigStorageModule or
> gnome_config, for example, and if they choose the portable solution 
> their programs won't integrate well with GNOME.

You define "not integrate well" by "not using libgnome". My way
of integrating well is about look, feel and behaviour. This, too,
is what users care about.

> Generally, you can't have both, since using features specific to one
> environment precludes portability.

This is true in the theoretical way that you say it. How does reality
do this? You can write between 50% and 95% of your program in pure
wxWindows and add what you like, quite possibly in a platform dependent
way, if your program doesn´t need to run on the Mac. Why is it possible
to write good Linux programs with Qt? There is no Qt-XML, no Qt-libglade

> What you're asking us to do is to promote wxGTK as the better solution 
> for people developing GNOME applications.

I want GNOME to be able to say: "We give you the choice: you can do
it the 100% pure GNOME way which means: less overhead, usage of true
GNOME code everywhere and dependence on the latest GNOME 1.0.13p5 to be
installed or your program won´t run anywhere; or you can write programs
that will run with the same source code on just about any platform
on this planet, even in the very absence of any trace of GNOME, but
at the prize of using a totally different API".


Robert Roebling <>

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