Re: wxWindows and GNOME

On 28 Aug, Robert Roebling wrote:
| > Whether something or not has been requested is irrelevant
| Amazingly honest: what people want isn´t relevant to you. It is in-deed
| the habit of wxWindows´ developers to listen to their users.

You're (deliberately?) missing the point:

wxWindows does not use any part of GNOME.
wxWindows therefore does not belong in the GNOME distribution.

Your preferences do not matter, nor do your users' preferences, because
the GNOME distribution is not about add-on toolkits.  I don't see the
base GNOME distribution including Gtk-- or other toolkits, any more
than I see it including xmms or irssi or (insert Gtk+ or GNOME
application of choice here).

Moreover, your "I am not going to play nice with you, I'm going to
insult your code, but I am also going to demand that you give me equal
time in your distribution" isn't exactly a way to make friends in the
Gtk+/GNOME community.

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