Re: wxWindows and GNOME

> on this planet, even in the very absence of any trace of GNOME, but
> at the prize of using a totally different API".

One problem is that is exactly what GNOME is - an API, AND a desktop
environment.  Its not just a desktop environment, and its not just
a gui toolkit either.

Unless wxWindows (however good it may be) supports at least some
of that api, it can't honestly be part of GNOME - any more than
say a KDE app that supports drag n drop to a GNOME app could be
considered part of GNOME ... (even if they basically look and
feel the same way - quite possible with themes).  Supporting the same
desktop is only part of GNOME.

Interoperability is another issue of course.  And perhaps that
wxWindows apps (can?) interoperate transparently with the gnome
desktop and other gnome applications (an obviously desirable situation
for all) is the positive to promote.


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