Re: wxWindows and GNOME


> There are distinct advantages to users if you use GNOME, and there will be
> more in the future. Here are some of the things that are important:
>  - consistent location for storing configuration data
>  - proper session management behavior
>  - consistent appearance of dialogs and dialog buttons (including
>    specific dialog types, such as property box, about box, etc.)
>  - consistent configurability of dialog boxes and other UI properties
>  - in the next version, it will be essential to use our VFS-based
>    file manager that links to GNOME metadata

So when you open a gnome file dialog, the filesystem might look different
from getting a directory listing from the console or a non gnome program.
How confusing.

I know some of the reasons for having a vfs, but the major drawback is all
programs cant use the code. A program has to be modified to use it.

I have been thinking about it for a while and may have come up with a way
to make it work with all programs. 
In php, the file open functions have the ability to use http and ftp as
well as real files. Why not do the same with glibc? change glibc to
support virtual file systems. It would make gnome "GNU libc" dependant if 
they want to use transparent network features, but, I figure GNU libc and
GNU Network Object Model would kinda fit. glibc should work on other oses
shouldent it? With this modification, all c programs, c++ programs, and
dirived languages (perl I think) would be able to use vfs without bindings
or code changes.

Also a note on metadata. I know a metadatabase is good for storing icons
and things for files you do not have rights to change. But it has problems
copying a file from one place to another and keeping the metadata.
Posible solution:
place a libefs filesystem after the end of file marker in the file. It
would allow icons and other info to be placed in an executable and normal
copying methods will work for them.


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