Re: wxWindows and GNOME

On Sat, 28 Aug 1999 wrote:
> Arrg. 
> So when you open a gnome file dialog, the filesystem might look different
> from getting a directory listing from the console or a non gnome program.
> How confusing.
> I know some of the reasons for having a vfs, but the major drawback is all
> programs cant use the code. A program has to be modified to use it.

That is just life. Sorry, but we can't make Unix usable without making
some old programs look sucky. :-) 
> I have been thinking about it for a while and may have come up with a way
> to make it work with all programs. 

Requiring glibc or tacking weird junk on the end of files would both break
old programs _and_ suck in countless other ways. There are several huge
threads about metadata in the archives; it's been discussed into the
ground and we reached a rough consensus that the current way will work
best. No point worrying about it again.


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