Message Boxes (Re: wxWindows and GNOME)

Havoc Pennington <> writes:

|    - consistent appearance of dialogs and dialog buttons (including
|      specific dialog types, such as property box, about box, etc.)

That's a good keyword.

Where may I find info how a message box has to look?

I found $prefix/share/gnome/html/gnomeui/gnomemessagebox.html.  This
Text doesn't say, what's the width of a normal message; the programmer
(and the translator) has to make sure, to use "\n"s all XX characters --
is this right?  What's the best value for XX.

Furhter I noticed, that most strings are not closed by a dot.  Since we
don't have to deal with text terminals, I'd like to see the dot added,
if the emssage is a full sentence (and not closed by a question or
exclamation mark).

What do you think?

While translation strings, I can easily "fix" broken strings, if you
wish so.

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