Re: Bug#650: gnome-libs HTML docu

[hackers, please Cc:, I'm not on the gnome-hackers list until now.]

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

|   I like the patch Karl.  Can you go ahead and commit?

Thanks for you confidence.

|   Please, also post to gnome-hackers to let other people know of this
|   change.

Okay.  Here's what I want to do this sunday morning (leaving out the
details and the cvs syntax):

    cd gnome-libs/devel-docs
    rm -fr gnome-dev-info
    mdkir gnome-dev-info
    cp gnome-dev-info.sgml [[and friends]] gnome-dev-info
    cp gnome-dev-info
    [[modify and gnome-dev-info/]]

The nex step qould be to have a look at the documents and to update the
TODO file.  I'm wondering, whether all parts of gnome-dev-info.sgml are
still valid; at least, some parts are not changed since 1998.

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