Re: Bug#650: gnome-libs HTML docu

Karl Eichwalder <> writes:

|       cd gnome-libs/devel-docs
|       rm -fr gnome-dev-info
|       mdkir gnome-dev-info
|       cp gnome-dev-info.sgml [[and friends]] gnome-dev-info
|       cp gnome-dev-info
|       [[modify and gnome-dev-info/]]

Done; please close #650.

After `make install' you'll find the documentation in
$PREFIX/share/gnome/help/gnome-dev-info/C/, visible for the GNOME help
system.  Could someone please check whether it works at all and then try
to run the "gdoc" targets; I couldn't test this, because I don't have
these modules installed.

Now we've to check, which docs are recent and which are obsolete by now
(maybe, some newer revisions are floating around...).

These READMEs and TODOs are worth to be visited.

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