A few questions....

Hi there...

I'm not sure how relevant all these questions are to this list, but here
goes anyway:

1) Is there a tab widget in GTK+/libgnomeui/anywhere else? I want a
widget like GtkNotebook, but with only the tabs, without the notebook
(I'll be handling the content myself).

2) Does the gnome dock widget support dragging toolbars from one window
and placing them in another window (of the same application)?

3) Is there any way to force a canvas item to add itself to the redraw
list? Is there any way to force a canvas item to undraw itself when you
delete it?

4) In gtk--, is there a reason why functions like Gdk_Window->set_cursor
are missing?

5) In the gtk-- GnomeCanvas, which I have placed a widget item in, why,
when I do a:
delete the_gtk_widget;
delete the_canvasitem_widget;
is the widget still in existance? Something doesn't appear to get freed
correctly (the actual GTK+ object itself it looks like).

6) In gtk--, is there an equivalent to the function


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