Re: Simplifying package installation.

Nat Friedman wrote:

> Miguel de Icaza <> wrote:
> >    A shell script called run would be in there: Gnumeric.App/run and
> > it would make sure all environment variables are properly setup.  A
> > Gnumeric.App/dep-libs file could point to the dependencies of the
> > application.
>     This is a nice idea because it makes each application fully
> relocatable on the file system.
>     But it doesn't solve the installation problem.  What about when
> the user needs to upgrade the libraries that Gnumeric uses, or any of
> its other dependencies?  Where do you install libgnomeui?  You can
> create a per-user library directory, sure, but then you'll find
> yourself with two new problems (Every user is going to have a
> completely separate installation of all the gnome libraries and
> datafiles in his home directory, and then you lose all the goodness of
> shared libraries in the buffer cache).
>     You could have the script assemble a library path
> that searched the system libs first.
>     Unfortunately the installation dependency problems (checking for
> an installed package in the system; then checking in the user's home
> dir) are probably outside the scope of Gnome.
> Nat
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If you create a homedirectory called for instance allusers it could be shared

by all the users. Then if a user install a new library all the other users
will also
be able to use it (it will be put in /home/allusers). Then we don't have the
with users who install things can't be used by other users.

/Andreas Hyden

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