Re: gnome-metadata

Elliot> My main point is that guessing & wishing that it won't slow
Elliot> things down is not enough. We need to make a conscious effort
Elliot> to verify that GNOME is going to be fast, so that it works
Elliot> nicely on those pokey P5-90's that everyone is using to play
Elliot> with Linux for the first time, and so that it is snappy on the
Elliot> faster boxes that people typically use today. Right now we are
Elliot> far from the ideal.

I don't disagree.

However, sometimes correctness is more important than speed.  If
people write threaded Gnome programs (and with VFS, they have to),
then thread-safety is critical.  It is even more important to design
in thread-safety, even if we don't implement it at first (this is the
lesson of the C library -- introducing all those _r functions is a
hack to work around the bugs in the design).

I agree that profiling would be good to do.  But in the particular
case of gnome-metadata, I don't see that it would make a difference.
I don't think making gnome-metadata thread-unsafe is an option, given
the VFS design.


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