Re: gnome-metadata

    Tom> However, sometimes correctness is more important than speed.
    Tom> If people write threaded Gnome programs (and with VFS, they
    Tom> have to), then thread-safety is critical.

I fully agree with you, but I'd like to point out that the VFS does
not force you to deal with the details of thread programming, as it
hides them for you.

So basically the result is a threaded program, but you don't have to
write the program with threads in mind.

    Tom> I agree that profiling would be good to do.  But in the
    Tom> particular case of gnome-metadata, I don't see that it would
    Tom> make a difference.  I don't think making gnome-metadata
    Tom> thread-unsafe is an option, given the VFS design.

Indeed.  Actually, I don't think this would make a big difference for
most of other stuff either, and I believe supporting threads is a must
for a modern programming toolkit.


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