Re: wxWindows and GNOME

On 30 Aug, wrote:
| Um, did I say REQUIRE? (no, that want me)
| I said that it could be added.

You assume that I want to have to deal with multiple *libc*s.  That
breaks systems, sometimes even when they're designed to stay out of
each other's way (e.g. Linux libc5 vs. libc6/glibc2.0 vs. glibc2.1).
It's not acceptable AT ALL for non-Linux; forget about it.

I repeat:  glibc on non-Linux not an option, period.
It's not a case of "resisting free software".
It's a case of not breaking systems that MUST work.

And with glibc not an option, GNOME must NOT rely on or even expect
glibc features.

# # #

I will add that the glibc folks have heard the "you ought to support
`http://...'" thing before, and it still doesn't.  It's pretty clear
that you can forget that idea as well.

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