Re: Bug status - gnome-terminal

> NotZed wrote:
> > > 
> > > gnome-terminal: 3 grave bug(s) (may need GRAVE-izing still).
> > >      * #1246: gnome-terminal doesn't operate correctly on Solaris 2.6
> > >      * #1576: gnome-terminal fails on Solaris
> > 
> > Does anyone have access to a ssolaris 2.6/2.7 box/compiler, etc?  I'm
> > pretty sure this is a configure or automake or libtool bug (i think what
> > happens is that -lz gets put on the gnome-pty-helper link line,
> > which stuffs up when trying to run as a setuid binary, since
> > ld_librray_path is ignored - gnome-pty-helper doesn't need libz).
> I have several versions of SPARC Solaris with gcc and Sun's cc, although
> only Solaris 7 hosts have necessary Gnome infrastructure installed.
> I'll take a look at that tonight.

Thanks, this would be a great help.

> BTW, could I get a copy of all bugs reported on Solaris? I've written a few
> lines of code for Solaris specific things before, but I don't actually use
> Gnome, so it's unlikely that I'll spot problems myself. OTOH, most of the
> things that don't work are rather simple (configure problems, compiler
> specific problems, endianess, etc.), so I think I could fix those pretty
> fast.

About the closest is to enter 'solaris' in the search form on - this will probably be a pretty good list of
bugs (you will have to manually grep the administrative pages out).


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