Re: Default window manager

> Now that the stable gnome-core 1.0.50 will be released
> I think that it should have another default window manager
> than the buggy and slow enlightenment.
	Do you have any proof for this?  Care to site any case studies?
Provide a link to the paper which did a code analysis of both?
	It barely matters what WM gnome makes the default.  RedHat will
still give it a win95 theme, and everyone else will use whatever they want
in their distros anyhow.  Those of us who know anything will simply move
to our favorite window managers.  Who's left who's going to download gnome
by source and compile but not know enough to change their WM to their
favorite?  Aren't there better things to do than to try to start up
political flame wars over insignificant issues?  As long as new versions
of gnome don't overwrite your WM choice when they are installed, it's
really a very small, one-time thing.

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