Re: Default window manager

Andreas Hyden wrote:
> "Christopher T. Lansdown" wrote:
> > > Now that the stable gnome-core 1.0.50 will be released
> > > I think that it should have another default window manager
> > > than the buggy and slow enlightenment.
> >         Do you have any proof for this?  Care to site any case studies?
> > Provide a link to the paper which did a code analysis of both?
> >         It barely matters what WM gnome makes the default.  RedHat will
> > still give it a win95 theme, and everyone else will use whatever they want
> > in their distros anyhow.  Those of us who know anything will simply move
> > to our favorite window managers.  Who's left who's going to download gnome
> > by source and compile but not know enough to change their WM to their
> > favorite?  Aren't there better things to do than to try to start up
> > political flame wars over insignificant issues?  As long as new versions
> > of gnome don't overwrite your WM choice when they are installed, it's
> > really a very small, one-time thing.
> >         -Chris
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> Any proof?
> I nooticed it my self.. and all people I know..
> One of Gnome's goals is to provide a desktop environment
> for beginners...
> When for instance a beginner install it and use enlightenmnent they noticed
> that the memory isn't enough and it's slow... and they think. "Gnome is
> slow and buggy, better to use KDE instead".
> Why don't just replace enlightenment with another wm?
> /Andy

Because GNOME being slow in combination with Enlightenment is not
Enlightenment's fault. I know. I've used E without GNOME, and it is
much, much faster. Part of the problem is the default GNOME
configuration. Imlib's cache is disabled for GNOME, which causes a much
higher memory usage than would otherwise be necessary (a decision
without any merit from the pragmatic POV, IMHO). Another problem is the
Pixmap Engine, usually nothing more than a source of memory aches.

Please note that RedHat's setup with GNOME/E is complete garbage in my
experience. I replace the E RPMS with a CVS snapshot as soon as I can.

    Jim Cape

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