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* Andreas Hyden ( wrote:
> "Christopher T. Lansdown" wrote:
> Any proof?
> I nooticed it my self.. and all people I know..
> One of Gnome's goals is to provide a desktop environment
> for beginners...
> When for instance a beginner install it and use enlightenmnent they noticed
> that the memory isn't enough and it's slow... and they think. "Gnome is
> slow and buggy, better to use KDE instead".
> Why don't just replace enlightenment with another wm?
> /Andy

Sorry to disagree, but e is currently using about 3.2Mb right now,
with a beautiful desktop background, a pager, 2 iconboxes, and a
partridge in a pair tree ;)

If I sort by processor useage, e doesn't even come in the top 10, even
with the pager refreshing at 60 lines per second.

I admit I have a reasonable system spec, but having delved into the
code running e, its as slick as hell.

btw, I'm currently running 0.16.devel.5

Also, in terms of appearances, and ease for beginners, I think you do
not realise exactly _how_ configurable e is. You can make it look and
*feel* however you like, from the incredibly complex, to the
ridiculously simple. That is the principle behind its development, and
a worthy one.

Why not just suggest a new theme, a specially designed theme to be the
Gnome default. This seems a much more reasonable suggestion.

Anyway, if you don't like it, you know what to do. I can currently
change the wm Gnome uses by clicking my mouse button 4 times. (As if
I'd want to) not too hard is it?

PS. All the beginners I know who installed gnome/e said nothing about
slow, buggy. Coming from Windows 9x and NT, they all said "wow",
"gorgeous", "responsive", "gimme", or else they just kind of gawped
until I nudged them.

Most are still occasionally seen gawping even now, as am I ;)

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