Re: "Standard" icons

> 	While using Glade, especially in creating the menus, there were
> several "stock items" that include cool icons for things like Open, Save,
> Close, etc.  These are the smaller icons that work well in a menu.

	I have at least partially answered my own question.  It turns out
those icons are Gnome-specific, and I happened to have been using the
Gnome version of Glade.  The use of those stock items is surrounded by
#ifdef USE_GNOME (or something similar) in the Glade source code.

	I eventually found the PNGs under gnome-libs:libgnomeui/pixmaps.

> 1) Are those XPMs (or PNGs, whatever) hard-coded into Glade?

	Yes (sort of), because they are Gnome stock items in libgnomeui
(and are not part of Glade explicitly).

> 2) Is there an official repository of Gnome-like GTK+ icons?  I seem to
> remember such a thing from a few months ago, but I don't see it anymore.

	I was thinking of an icon repository for GNUStep, and got it
confused with Gnome.  AFAIK, there is no such icon repository.

> 3) Is it customary to hard-code those items as XPMs into the application,
> or to use distribute them with your code and PNGs and put them into
> /usr/share somewhere?

	I don't yet understand how Gnome uses the PNGs with Imlib to
create a displayable bitmap.  I think I will simply convert these PNGs to
XPMs for my own use.

	I think these icons are very cool, and I wish to use them in my
GTK+ (but non-Gnome) application.  I think others might feel the same way.
Does anyone object to me putting these PNGs up on a web page so they're
easier for others to find?


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