Re: RFC: Gnome-themes

>	My prediction is this: Somebody, eventually, will develop a window
>manager that works well with Gnome.  It will be fast and lightweight, will
>be based on Gtk+, will have some cool E features (translucent moves and
>such), will not conflict with the existing Gnome UI (i.e., no overlapping
>Wharf, Task List, Pager, minimized window icons, etc.), will have some
>cool minimization animations, and that will be it.  It will be "Gnome
>Compliant", and will become the default WM shipped with Gnome, and the
>vast majority of people will use it as their Gnome WM.
>	Then, shipping a "Gnome Theme" will basically be a theme for this
>WM.  All the rest of the WM's will continue to have their own themes, and
>will continue to have features which do not work well with Gnome.

If the wm uses GTK+ to draw its window decorations, it will respond to GTK

Michael Rogers

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