Re: RFC: Gnome-themes

> I guess it was option 3 really, but the way you stated it was that the 
> "user would have to run off to or or 
> <x> and grab their own theme" - My idea was that GNOME would 
> either A) use a 'link' to the appropriate <x> to download the 
> appropriate theme (i.e. it would list them all on one webpage but just 
> link to sawmill) (preferred) or B) they would mirror them (or just leave 
> them out until somebody comes up with a 'port').

Well, I don't see why that can't happen.
Another way would be when a person is submitting a GNOME theme, they could be
asked "Name some Window Manager themes that suit the look and feel of this GNOME
theme" and they have to provide links to the various .t.o page. Otherwise the
theme doesn't get added.

> by the way, I think this should be forwarded to gnome-devel-list ;) (can 
> u please do it?)


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