Re: AA Canvas use?


I've used aa canvas for quite a heavy project (sodipodi) & did not find
any real problems. So I think you can start you project in aa canvas
anyway and hope the last possible inconsistencies will be removed before
GNOME 2.0.
P.S. still I'm not sure about memory leaks, but if they exist, they cannot
be huge.

Lauris Kaplinski

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Ali Abdin wrote:

> Given the following conditions - Is it "safe" to use the AA canvas?
> I plan on using the canvas to draw a grid. Inside this grid will be small 
> circls (ellipses) and inside this circle will be even smaller circles 
> (ellipises). The only thing that will change in the canvas is either:
> A) The size of big circle
> B) The position of the smaller circles
> C) The colors of the smaller circls and/or the colors of the big circle
> The question again? Is it "safe" to use the AA canvas for this? I think 
> the potential problem with be 'A' if I use affine transformations (is 
> there a problem?) but what if I just destroy/hide the 'big circle' and 
> re-draw a smaller one underneath?
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