Re: themeball categories (was Re: Cursors)

Michael ROGERS wrote:
> You would have to add new categories as new themes are created - eg in 5 years
> when everyone wants to use a "plaid" theme :) I don't think you'll ever come
> up with a short list of categories that describes all themes usefully.
> Although you could get two out of three.  :)

As with any standard, of course you would have changes.  The group in charge
of the standard, in this case theme categories, would have have to approve of

Did you guys know that THEMES.ORG has already categorized themes?

  Animals             Operating Sys.
  Anime               People
  Art                 Pixmap
  Cartoons            Places
  Computers           Plain
  Engine              Products
  Fantasy             Science Fiction
  Holiday             Sports
  Misc                Vehicles
  Movies              Video Games
  Music               Web Sites

Would it be too much to ask if the themeballs ALSO said (environment
variable?) what category they fall under?


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