Re: Problems with loading gdk-pixbuf

On Wed, 01 Dec 1999, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> >  I've checked out both gdk-pixbuf and eog from CVS yesterday. Compiled
> >  and installed gdk-pixbuf with prefix /usr. Then compiled eog. Tried to
> >  open an image with it and it said 'Unable to load
> >  no such file'. I checked and that file is in
> >  /usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf/loaders. Are there any configurations settings I
> >  need to change in order for that file to be loaded?
> Could you please trace the program starting when it tries to load the
> image and see why dlopen() fails?

I traced it through it and it fails in _g_module_open(). The path to the
file is the correct one.

What's weird is that I did make clean, then make install again and now
it's working...

But, similar problem occurs. When I run eog I get copious errors:

Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate loadable module in module_path: ""

What could be the source of that?

* I wish life had an UNDO function. *

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