Question about gmc

When I see files in the gnome desktop, for example the symbolic link to
the partition /dev/hda1, or the direct access to the URL they show the correct icon on them.
However, when I use gmc to see this files - that reside in
$HOME/.gnome-desktop - I don't see the correct icons on them.
That is, the desktop is hiding the file attributes (icons, alternative
name...) in some place, but gmc doesn't use these attributes.
I think this problem relates to using a separate file for adding
attributes to desktop icons.
Proposal: Shouldn't desktop icons simply be files with extension (for
example) .desktop ?. That way the icons should show up identical both
inside the desktop and in gmc.

Another "someway" proposal:
Is it a good idea to store resources in executable files or dlls as
Windows does?
I mean, ELF binaries or shared libraries could contain icons, cursors,
menu entries, etc... Gmc could try to find icons inside ELF binaries
(you don't have to put them in separated files), so that for example,
when I browse /usr/bin/gnome-linuxconf a nice icon appears.
That way, when you create a link (a .desktop file) to another file, the
.desktop file could take the icon of the pointed file for default.

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