Fwd: New free update for DPGraph 2000 (Not an advertisement)

 Ok, below is an advertisement, I got. I did not forward it to this 
list in order to cash in since I have no relation whatsoever to this 
guy. This mail is more like spam, but good spam for once.

 This little piece of software is what I'd love to have under Gnome.
 I am already working on a math environment, and trying to learn from 
a 2D plotting widget called gtkplot to do nifty stuff and add plotting 
to it.

 I just want you to have a look at this! At what it does!

 Now if you are interested in trying to get something as close as this 
then you can count on me.

 The math project's page, I am working, is


 I have it on CVS already at sourceforge.com.

 And by the way, this is NOT in competition with Dr genius. For now it 
has a NumPy session, but I plan as soon as I can allow people to have 
(through MDI and maybe bonobo) multiple sessions, one for NumPy, one 
for plotting, one for genius ( and drag and drop from one to the 

 The advertising below is only meant to wet my appetite and other 
interested people appetites.

 Heck, this thing looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 We'd better start coding state-of-the-art stuff for Gnome!

 Thanx for reading until now

H. Aurag

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On 12/3/99, 2:53:42 PM, David Parker <davidparker@davidparker.com> wrote 
regarding New free update for DPGraph 2000:

> Dear Dr. Aurag,

> I've just released a new free update for DPGraph 2000.  It adds 
> for 2D polar coordinates, 3D cylindrical coordinates, 3D spherical
> coordinates, continuous rotation (handy for demonstrations), and more.
> For details and pretty pictures, visit
> http://www.davidparker.com/index.html

> If your institution has purchased an unlimited site license for 
> 2000, you can download the latest version from
> http://www.davidparker.com/licensed.html

> If your institution hasn't purchased an unlimited site license for 
> 2000, you can download a complimentary individual copy from
> http://www.davidparker.com/compcopy/index.html

> If you run into any problems, or if you have any questions, 
> or comments, please feel free to email me.

> As a simple example of how to use some of the new features, consider 
> sphere RHO=3 in spherical coordinates (RHO, THETA, PHI).  You can make 
> pulsing sphere by making the radius a function of time; for example,
> RHO=3*SIN(TIME/4)^2.  If you only want half of a pulsing sphere, you 
> use the NONNEG function to restrict the domain to, say, Y>=0:
> NONNEG(Y)*RHO=3*SIN(TIME/4)^2.  To graph this realtime "movie", just 
> on EDIT from inside DPGraph and enter:


> After you have the pulsing hemisphere on your screen, you can click on
> ANIMATE and CONTINUOUSLY ROTATE to get a rotating, pulsing hemisphere.
> Just what everyone needs to make their lives complete!

> Yours, Dave

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