Re: Milestones document

Just my little 2c here ...

> No official date, as always in free software "when it's done."
> However, I think the feeling is that gnome-libs is almost ready. For API
> completeness we need:

>  - finish port of ZvtTerm to gdk-pixbuf

This is basically done.  It works well enough to test, and the
api should stay stable (it now has an api to set/manipulate the
background and lots of options).  I've fixed up a few nasties like not
being able to set the palette until the term is realized, too.

I also want to add a search api at least for the next release - I
guess i'd better get to it quickly, but i also plan on spending time
at the beach while i'm still in OZ! :)

> It does look like we're in good shape on the desktop front though - HEAD
> panel is nice, and essentially done according to George and Jacob,
> gnome-fm is finishable by summer if all goes well, help browser
> replacement is moving along, and Sawmill is looking nice.

I'm also basically rewriting gnome-terminal ... its about 80%
preferences code, and i'm adding a lot more configuration options, so
I am using libglade for this (and hence the mostly-rewrite).  Bigger
footprint?  Oh well, tough :)

On that note, writing prefs dialogues and config saving sux bigtime -
so much bloat for so little functionality, but anyway.


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