Re: Milestones document

The source luke, the bloody source!

My initial whine was to do with just how much *source*code*-bloat is
required just to manage so many options.  Your code only sets 4
options of the same datatype (and look how long it is).

The code size is significant, and its already a pain to maintain
so much.  Its not the configuration code as such, its the preferences
dialogues that go with it, there is almost no room for code reuse
between applications here.

> On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > $ ls -l .libs/basic-gconf-app 
> > -rwx------   1 hp       hp           9996 Dec  6 01:10 .libs/basic-gconf-app
> > 
> To be fair, my build was old: 
> $ ls -l .libs/basic-gconf-app 
> -rwx------   1 hp       hp          14792 Dec  6 01:21 .libs/basic-gconf-app
> Still, my point remains - I see no way this can be blamed on GConf.
> (And if gnome-terminal doubled in size to 100K no one would notice
> anyway... I mean, get real.)

Its already using about 1MB unshared just loading, its already on
average 2x more memory than xterm at all times ... if that sort
of thing happens across all apps it doesn't help.

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