Re: Annoying libglade problem

libglade will show toplevel widgets if the visible tag is set on the
widget (the same for all widgets).  If you don't want libglade to
automatically show the window, unset the visible toggle button in the
window's properties page in glade.

Rather than this being a problem with libglade, it may be a problem with
glade not making it so obvious :)



On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, Ali Abdin wrote:

> There seems to be a 'problem' with libglade which I can not solve. I am 
> designing my entire application using Glade so it includes thins such as 
> dialogs, about boxes, and a GnomePropertyBox.
> One thing that can not be done in libglade is to get the toplevel widget 
> without DISPLAYING it. For example, I have a GnomePropertyBox - I want to 
> get rid of the 'Help' button /before/ the box is displayed - the only way 
> I can get the property box is by using glade_xml_new - I can not get it 
> with glade_xml_get_widget (with a different root widget (the application 
> itself))
> Any chance for this feature to be added? I can still 'destroy' the 'Help' 
> button, but it looks ugly since the PropBox appears and then shrinks 
> (after the widget disappears).
> Thanks
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