Annoying libglade problem

There seems to be a 'problem' with libglade which I can not solve. I am 
designing my entire application using Glade so it includes thins such as 
dialogs, about boxes, and a GnomePropertyBox.

One thing that can not be done in libglade is to get the toplevel widget 
without DISPLAYING it. For example, I have a GnomePropertyBox - I want to 
get rid of the 'Help' button /before/ the box is displayed - the only way 
I can get the property box is by using glade_xml_new - I can not get it 
with glade_xml_get_widget (with a different root widget (the application 

Any chance for this feature to be added? I can still 'destroy' the 'Help' 
button, but it looks ugly since the PropBox appears and then shrinks 
(after the widget disappears).


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